PVRA Working Equitation B-Rated Show

PVRA Working Equitation B-Rated Shows
October 14, 2018 – Sunday 
Show booth opens at 7 AM – show starts promptly at 8 AM
Show Manager: workingequ@pvra.com – 858-243-1953

Licensing: B-Rated Working Equitation competition licensed by WE United. Points earned at these events will count toward Year End Awards and Lifetime Rider Medals!

Closing Date: May 28, 2018 (Memorial Day)

Format of the Show:
One Day – June 3
Dressage tests will start promptly at 8 AM followed by Ease Of Handling, then Speed. Coursewalks between events, but not between divisions. Due to time constraints of a one-day show we will only be accepting a maximum of 20 entries. Please don’t delay if you would like to enter! Grounds will open at 6:30 AM.

Show Manager: Janice Kall – 858-243-1953
Judge: To Come
Technical Delegate: To Come
Farrier: On Call
Veterinarian: On Call
Course Designer: To Come

Level 1 (Intro) = $85/entry
Level 2 (Novice A) thru Level 5 (Intermediate B) = $125/entry
State Drug Fee + Grounds Fee + WE United Starter Fee = $17/entry (mandatory)
WE United Non-Member Fee – $15/per non-member
Horse must be registered with WE United (Registration is Free – see link below).
Entry fee covers all trials offered at each level. Riders participating as Training Wheel Riders and those schooling hors concours pay the same entry fee

Competitions will use the United States Rules for Working Equitation. Please make sure you have a copy of the current rules (see link below).

Helmets are required for all competitors under 18-years-old whenever mounted.

Although membership in WE United is not required to compete at these shows, we strongly encourage all participants to join the national organization. Your $25 annual membership fee helps support the continued development of the sport in the United States and and helps fund the Performance Awards Programs, Judge and Technical Delegate Trainings, website and outreach programs. Join online at WEUnited.us. For rider’s scores at a competition to county toward performance awards the riders must be a member within 30 days after the conclusion of the show. Anyone who is not a current member of WE United must pay a $15 non-member fee to compete. Riders schooling hors concours (H/C) and those participating solely in exhibition/leadline classes are exempt from this non-member fee as they are not competing.

***Use of helmets is required for all competitors under 18 whenever they are mounted***