PVRA Schooling Dressage Show Series


June 9 (Entries due by June 4)
August 4 • September 8
Show booth opens at 6:30 AM – Show starts promptly at 8 AM
Show Manager: dressage@pvra.com

The Dressage Schooling Show Series now counts for points with the CDS, San Diego Schooling Circuit and Western Dressage Association High Points. We have something for everyone!

Dressage Show Premium for June 9th

Please send your entries via e-mail to dressage@pvra.com.

We run our shows as closely to recognized USEF show rules as possible in a schooling show; riders get experience before they compete at a higher level. Ribbons and prizes are awarded in a fun, schooling show format. We welcome green horses and riders.

All Western Dressage riders must pay $3 towards the CAWDA circuit awards.

All CDS Schooling Circuit Riders must pay $3 towards the San Diego Chapter of CDS.

These fees are assessed as a one-time fee per show for each horse and rider combination.

 For USDF tests (Intro through 2nd Level) Please Click the Button Below: 2019 USDF Tests 

 Eventing tests are the new 2018 tests: 18 USEA TESTS

 We use the 2017 CAWDA/USEF versions of the Western Dressage tests. The tests are now the same for both groups (see forms listed below).

 To participate in the 2017 CDS San Diego School Series you must nominate yourself BEFORE the Show. 

The Chuck Wagon will be open for business for steaming hot beverages for chilly mornings and cool refreshing beverages during hot afternoons. No need to pack a lunch or even breakfast – the Chuck Wagon has snacks, breakfast items and a lunch menu. Don’t forget to nominate to be included in the year-end prizes and awards! Family friendly environment including dogs on leashes (at all times, please).

Our show is put on through the efforts of volunteers. If your horse is down for the count, consider helping us out. This show does count for PVRA Work Hours. CDS Riders may also volunteer to get their hours for CDS Year End Awards at this show series.

For questions, e-mail or call: