Membership Process

Membership Process
1. Submit a completed Membership/Release application along with a $100 check/money order (payable to PVRA) for the initiation fee to:
P.O. Box 77
Poway, CA 92074-0077

2. Within four months of submitting an application, work a minimum of four volunteer hours at  PVRA approved activity. For example, attending a regular meeting and a work party for two hours minimum. Submit hours to

3. Pay the pro-rated yearly dues as calculated by the Membership Chairperson.

4. The PVRA Board will vote to formally approve your membership.
NOTE: Until you have been  approved as a member of the PVRA, you will not be able to acquire points earned in any of the PVRA Horse Shows.

General Information
Once all of the above requirements have been met, you name will be added to the mailing list and the phone tree. A gate key will be issued to you (it also opens the restrooms).

The PVRA Monthly newsletter; which is published on the PVRA web site at the beginning of each month for all members. In it you will find articles about club activities, the treasure’s report, minutes from previous month’s meeting, classified ads, membership updates a information on upcoming PVRA events. All PVRA members are invited to attend club activities published in the Horse Tales PVRA Horse Tales and on the web site (

If you are looking for work opportunities, call the “Board Member of the Month” listed on the calendar page in the Horse Tales and on the “Contact” page of the PVRA web site.

A roster is published annually in the late spring and the complete PVRA By-Laws and Operating Rules are included as well as being available on this page for downloading.

After the initial membership year, dues are billed annually, by mail and will include charges for any outstanding work hours from the previous year.

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